You only Apply Once

Community & mock application app for potential exchange students
(2017 Spring)

Yopply allows potential exchange students in Yonsei university to calculate the evaluation criteria, simulate the placement, and post discussions to forum.

Problem Identification

  • Potential exchange program applicants have difficulties estimating how much of their scores would be sufficient for their desired school.
  • Students have to learn about the schools they apply to, but this process is tedious and time-consuming.
  • There used to be an online community for exchanging information about the exchange program. But since Facebook gained popularity and people moved out of the platform, the community is now nearly abandoned.

Whom am I designing for?

Minji Kwon


Minji is a sophomore who studies business in Yonsei University. She is planning to apply to the exchange program for a semester. She doesn't have a specific goal set for her exchange program - she just wants to travel, and experience something new. However, she'd prefer urban setting, and would definitely choose a program based in English. She has been asking some of the upperclassmen about the exchange program, but she thinks the information is not sufficient for her to choose the right school.

Practice English / Travel / Experience different cultures / Internships during vacation

Financial issues

English (proficient), Korean (native), Mandarin (beginner)

Considering Factors:
Courses Available for business majors / English-based / Urban Setting / Manageable cost of living

Preliminary Sketches

Design Concept



Xcode Prototype Working Video