A Visual Systems Calendar

Fall 2018

6 weeks

Photoshop Silkscreen

The Challenge

Design 13 sheets (cover + 12 months) of visual system graphics. Must present an aesthetic value and quality. Functional elements of a calendar (days of the week or months of the year) may be limited if needed.

  • A calendar of Visual System Graphics
  • Package to keep the calendar

The Requiem

Requiem, also known as Mass for the dead, is a Mass in the Catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul. The Requiem Mass inspired a large number of musical compositions, including settings by Mozart (though uncompleted), Verdi, Berlioz, Dvořák, Fauré, and others. Many of the texts in the Requiem Mass have been set to music, but the exact musical structure differs by the composer. This calendar follows Mozart's adaptation as structural reference and inspiration.

Süssmayr's completion of Mozart’s Requiem divides the piece into 14 sections. I generally followed Süssmayr's edition but skipped <Hostias> and <Benedictus> to fit the structure into 12 months.


Month Latin Title English Translation
1 Introitus Introduction
2 Kyrie Have Mercy
3 Dies Irae Day of Wrath
4 Tuba Mirum Hark, the Trumpet
5 Rex Tremendae The Tremendous King
6 Recordare Remember
7 Introitus Introduction
8 Kyrie Have Mercy
9 Domine Jesu Lord Jesus
10 Sanctus Holy
11 Agnus Dei Lamb of God
12 Lux Aeterna Eternal Light



The package is designed to resemble a casket, to add to the calendar’s metaphor as the afterlife. As the viewers go through the calendar, they follow the dead’s journey after death.


The package is a collapsible rigid box with magnetic closure. I modified the cover design to optimize for silkscreen printing and added a ribbon to make it easier to pick up the content inside.

Original Sketches

Full Documentation