whenFall 2019
RoleDesign & Development
toolsFigmaXcodeSwift + ARKit

René is an AR app that turns your surroundings into a René Magritte painting.

In this quick two-week long project, I made an iOS app in Xcode and Swift that allows people to augment elements of René Magritte paintings and take pictures with it. Users can also read information about the artist and the paintings.


Have you ever looked at a painting and felt as if you were in that painting?
I wanted to recreate that feeling with Augmented Reality, with some of my favorite paintings by René Magritte.


  1. Augment elements of René Magritte paintings.
  2. Take a picture.
  3. Read information about the painting and the artist.


Early Sketch

Constructing Visual Identity

Inspired by René Magritte's artwork, I constructed a visual identity for my app.

App Icon
Launch Screen

UI Design

Home screen
Golconda - Augmented View
Golconda - Painting Detail
The Son of Man



After going through a lot of tutorials and documentation, I was able to make a functioning AR app with Xcode.

Golconda (1953)

Original Painting

The Son of Man (1964)

Original Painting

Man in a Bowler Hat (1964)

Original Painting

Reflections & Takeaways

I was first intimidated by the thought of designing and developing a mixed reality application. However, with the abundant documentation and tutorials related to ARKit, creating something with AR was surprisingly easy. I'd love to take this project further and explore what else I can make with ARKit.