Redesigning Pinch

whenFeb 2019
Duration6 Weeks
toolsFigmaFramer (Classic)

Pinch is a women's content platform in Korea. I redesigned Pinch's website as a freelance web designer, starting with a refreshed identity.

I had designed Pinch's website platform 4 years ago in 2015. Over the course of 4 years, The tone of the contents has been refined and new problems have emerged.


1. Optimize Reading Experience

Protect the sacred space between the reader and the content. Be subtle so that the illustration and content get more attention.

2. Feature New Content

New contents should grab attention so that the subscribers find something new to read every day.

3. Seamless Design

Fill all the design loopholes, as some features were added after the initial 2015 design. Carefully design every element and deliver a clear, unified voice.

Visual Identity

Each blob and color symbolizes the three categories.

Loader Animation

Visual Elements


Main Page
Landing Page
Empty Cart
Creator Page
Inside Hamburger Menu
Series Article
Series Page

Dark Mode

I brought dark mode into this update to make nighttime reading more comfortable. Now about 50% of the active users are using Dark mode (Aug 2019).

Reflections & Takeaways

The fact that I was the only designer in this project was both exciting and terrifying. I had great creative freedom that let me explore all the areas I wanted to learn more about.

Since the timeline was extremely hectic, there is a lot of first-hand research and process that I had to skip. In the future I would like to take time to sit down with the user, perform more testing, gather direct user feedback, and build Pinch a design system.

ColorsChaehee Park