Representing Millenial Women in The Presidential Election

Interactive web article design for Pinch.

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Millenial women make up for 16.3% of the total vote in South Korea. However, their agenda and opinions have never been directly measured. Pinch, a women's lifestyle media, conducted a survey towards its readers and asked about the 19th Korean presidential election. We heard back from 414 millenial women.

한국의 젊은 여성 유권자는 한국 사회에서 가장 이질적이고 역동적인 유권자 집단이며, 인구통계상으로도 총 유권자의 16.3%를 차지한다. 그럼에도 불구하고 여성 유권자의 요구와 목소리는 직접적으로 조사된 바가 없다. 여성생활미디어 핀치는 2016년 2월, 핀치 독자를 대상으로 제 19대 대선에 대한 설문조사를 진행했다. 총 414명의 여성이 답했다.


Design & Illustration Haley Park
Project Direction Pinch Editor Team
(I took part in the project direction and content refinement as an editor.)
Content research & refinement


Interactive web article.
We took down the article a few weeks after its release, due to the election law that prohibited all online opinion polls.


Survey form release February 8th, 2017
Data refinement & content editing 5 days (2/17 - 2/22)
Design 1 week (2/22 - 3/1)
Release March 7th, 2017
19th South Korean Presidential Election May 9, 2017


"Korean Milennial Women Voters: A Voice That Deserves To Be Heard"

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