Visualizing Census Data

Interactive data visualizations using U.S. census data

Spring 2018

3 weeks


Team of 4
The Challenge

Students were asked to design a 2D visualization using data from the US Census.

My role
  • Took personal responsibility for chart 1, from static visualization to implementing interactivity
  • Designed the webpage
  • Examined code and fixed bugs

A with three interactive visualizations

Setting Narrative

We chose education as our topic and decided on how to structure the story with the given data.


We looked into the data, picked a focus area, studied various types of diagrams and drew sketches.

Visual Design & Static Visualization

I brought different sets of typography, webpage layout and color schemes. As a team, we decided on the visual elements, tested how it looks on the actual webpage and modified the design.

Bringing Interactivity

We coded the visualizations and added interactivity to each one of the sketches.


Reflections & Takeaways

One of the key takeaways from this project was that it's important to look into the data and predict how it would look like before stepping into designing and coding. We intended to show the change in educational attainment among different age groups in chart 2, but the difference wasn't noticeable enough to grab the attention and confused the readers.

Also, slider in chart one would not have been the best way of implementing interactivity for the first graph since the degree levels are not always linear(e.g., "Some college / no diploma," "Bachelor's degree," "Associate's degree"). If we had more time, we could have tried range selector instead and evaluated which one was better.