Summer at Adobe

Exploring how animation can improve UX in Acrobat iOS

12 weeks

Adobe Xd
The Challenge

My challenge was to explore how to use motion to improve UX, increase engagement, and breathe life into Acrobat iOS.

I was an Experience Design intern on the Document Cloud team during the Summer of 2018, which gave me the opportunity to learn from and work with an amazing team of designers, managers and engineers. Although I can't post what I worked on, I can definitely share what I learned!

Reflections & Takeaways

1. Are you stuck? Talk to someone.

You’re in an environment where everyone around you is full of experience and insignt. They’re wonderful people and are more than happy to guide you through and tell you about their past work! Reach out, grab a coffee with them and you’ll walk out with fresh new thoughts.

2. Just do it.

I haven’t had any experience with UI animation before, nor any experience with tools like Principle or Framer. But hey I learned everything and finished my project! Sometimes you just need to dive in.

3. Communicate.

Communicating design and receiving feedbacks are a crucial part of the process.

4. Behind every good design, there is logic

No design is good unless it's backed by data. You have to commmunicate your design with clear logic and reasoning.

5. Ssmall exercises that reshape your way of thinking

To help me develop a critical eye, my mentor (Lynn, you're the best) held up small exercises to open an app and give my opinion about everything I see. It's a fun and great way to make you think like a better designer!

6. Go out and explore!

San Francisco is a magical place for designers. After work and during the weekends, I popped into a lot of talks and workshops to listen to new topics in design and bring home something new to think about.